Application Driven Routing – Segment Routing

In today’s modern networks the interaction between applications and network infrastructures is increasingly important for service providers, content providers and enterprise businesses. The more network operators can interact with the network the more optimization to applications can be offered, which ultimately can offer new services that can generate incremental revenues.

In the past decade, large scale network operators have invested heavily in network infrastructure because of exploding growth in IP traffic. During the same period, their legacy revenues either stalled or declined, while new revenue streams did not make up for the loss.

With these type of infrastructure that lack to any advanced interaction with applications, especially, the applications and network infrastructure have been running in isolation. For example, the network infrastructure has no insight into which types of applications are being transported, in turn this can impact the SLAs expected by the end users.

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Marwan Al-shawi – CCDE No. 20130066, Google Cloud Certified Architect, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Cisco Press author (author of the Top Cisco Certifications’ Design Books “CCDE Study Guide and the upcoming CCDP Arch 4th Edition”). He is Experienced Technical Architect. Marwan has been in the networking industry for more than 12 years and has been involved in architecting, designing, and implementing various large-scale networks, some of which are global service provider-grade networks. Marwan holds a Master of Science degree in internetworking from the University of Technology, Sydney. Marwan enjoys helping and assessing others, Therefore, he was selected as a Cisco Designated VIP by the Cisco Support Community (CSC) (official Cisco Systems forums) in 2012, and by the Solutions and Architectures subcommunity in 2014. In addition, Marwan was selected as a member of the Cisco Champions program in 2015 and 2016.