Cisco SD-WAN – Network Evolution for the Cloud and Digital Era –

As we are entering a new era, “the era of digitization”, IT must provide a platform for Innovation, agility and that does not compromise, but enhances Security. In order for today’s organizations in the digital age, to be able deliver the expected outcomes and capture the opportunities in its sector, its IT infrastructure must become digital ready. To realize the vision of a digital enterprise, enterprises must evolve their network infrastructure to a software (policy- based) approach that will allow them to simplify their IT operations, become faster, more agile and effective across all the places in the network PINs.

In order to achieve and support a successful digital strategy, enterprises must clearly identify the role, and highlight the value, of the “foundation infrastructure” that is essential component of any digital technology. (what Cisco refers to as the IT service delivery platform) that provides agility and support for all the applications and services necessary to run an authority’s business, and must be designed to support the functionality and availability required by all business applications and services. Therefore, business agility cannot be achieved without having an agile IT infrastructure to enable it.

However, one part of IT that has yet to evolve and lacks flexibility is the enterprise wide area network (WAN). Evolving the WAN must be a top priority for every IT and business leader because organizations are only as agile as their least agile IT component—which, today, is the WAN.

That’s why IDC Forecasts SD-WAN Market to Reach $8 Billion in 2021 As Enterprise Branch Network Requirements Accelerate

The “Network Evolution for the Cloud and Digital Era – SD-WAN” design webinars series hosted by the Cisco Learning Networking and I was fortunate to be part of this team along with the top SDWAN experts in the industry today.  These sessions, analyzed and discussed the key business and technical drivers, concepts and design scenarios of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) in general and how Cisco SD-WAN is capable of achieving these requirements with its unique modular architecture and capabilities.

All the sessions followed the following structure

Cisco SD-WAN for Manufacturing

This session analyzed and discussed a very complex global manufacturing WAN design requirements and how Cisco SD-WAN addressed such complex WAN design architecture and requirements.

Cisco SD-WAN for Retail

This session analyzed and discussed a global WAN of a retail company, in which you will see how Cisco SD-WAN addresses Retail specific requirements.

Cisco SD-WAN for Financial Services

This session is one of my favorite sessions, we started from the very high level (business objectives, looking at the requirements from a business or solutions architect point of view) then analyzed and discussed the business and technical requirements of a Financial Services company, in which you will see how Cisco SD-WAN addresses Financial Services specific requirements including high security and PCI compliance considerations.

Cisco SD-WAN for Healthcare

In addition to the importance of understanding how Cisco SD-WAN addresses the specific requirements of a global healthcare organization, this session is a must if you are interested to get more insight about migration approaches from brown field legacy WAN to Cisco SDWAN.

Whether you are planning to migrate to Cisco SD-WAN, or interested learn how modern WAN (SD-WAN) should be designed with more insight about the specific requirements of the different market verticals, these SD-WAN design sessions are the only ones available today with such level of details and structure in one place, to help you get up to the speed with your SD-WAN learning

Marwan Al-shawi – CCDE No. 20130066, Google Cloud Certified Architect, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Cisco Press author (author of the Top Cisco Certifications’ Design Books “CCDE Study Guide and the upcoming CCDP Arch 4th Edition”). He is Experienced Technical Architect. Marwan has been in the networking industry for more than 12 years and has been involved in architecting, designing, and implementing various large-scale networks, some of which are global service provider-grade networks. Marwan holds a Master of Science degree in internetworking from the University of Technology, Sydney. Marwan enjoys helping and assessing others, Therefore, he was selected as a Cisco Designated VIP by the Cisco Support Community (CSC) (official Cisco Systems forums) in 2012, and by the Solutions and Architectures subcommunity in 2014. In addition, Marwan was selected as a member of the Cisco Champions program in 2015 and 2016.